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2009-10-28 02:48 pm

Maybe I just shouldn't sleep ...

So I had one of those nightmares again. You know the ... soul-raping ones D:

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2009-10-17 05:54 pm


Haha so it's been an adventurous week. Spent a night in casualty, found out I'm going to Peru in February (lol choice what choice), found out my ex-lil bro just got LOCKED UP FOR EIGHT MONTHS BECAUSE OF DRUG PUSHING.

*clutches head*

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2009-09-09 04:28 pm


I will never not love this :')

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...Wow this post is kind of all over the place isn't it xD

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2009-06-29 09:41 pm
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Ish kabibble.

That remix is Summer condensed X3 We drove around all day Saturday with nothing but the first Gorillaz album playing. I'd completely forgotten how awesome it was.

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2009-06-23 11:24 am
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Some say that he is the ~Chosen One~

Welp, looks like the teaser trailer for The Last Airbender is here.

I'll be honest ... for a second there I kinda got chills. XD

Then about halfway through I thought ... candles? Really?

Then I wondered wtf didn't I see that robe in The Village??

... And then Aang started futzing up with his staff.

lolol Yeah. Well. Looks like another fun Summer-time romp, in any case. The effects look pretty neat! Hopefully the kids put on a good show. Dev Patel I'm not worried about, but Jackson Rathbone betta do Sokka some justice. *shakey fist*

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2009-05-30 02:46 pm
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I feel kind of bad for having a Dreamwidth and not using it ^^;; Thought I might as well try out the crossposting feature? Here, have YouTube spam.

Um, that's Electric Shock. It's a demo from Gorillaz upcoming album. Damn thing grows on you like mould, can't wait to hear the final version. According to De La Soul the new material actually outshines Demon Days, so colour me exciteddd. It'll probably be like another year before its release though. Siiiigh.

I am considering getting a new MP3 player. My iPod's on its way out I think. I know I can get one pretty cheap, but, do I really need one? :/ My phone's holding thirty or so tracks, and I think it could fit one or two more. Eh, it's hardly a big deal either way.

Just about halfway done with my Impmon moodtheme now. It's my first time making one of these things, hopefully I don't screw it up completeley. Actually I'll be happy if it turns out even halfway decent, heh XD With any luck I'll have it finished by Monday.

Alsoooooooo ;_; There was a sick kitten downstairs in the carpark today. He was just sat there alone in the middle of the tarmac. His face was caked in mucus to the point he couldn't even open his eyes, I hope it wasn't cat flu D: Ugh, I should've called the DSPCA. I feel like the biggest ass in the world for just leaving him there. Brb, shooting self.

... Well that was a bit of a downer to end on.
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2009-05-23 04:28 pm



... No, really. I have no idea what I'm going to do with this thing. XD Faff around, I suppose. Do memes. X-post from LJ? Hrm.

We shall see.