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That remix is Summer condensed X3 We drove around all day Saturday with nothing but the first Gorillaz album playing. I'd completely forgotten how awesome it was.

I had the weirdest dream last night. RPATTZ WAS IN IT. And it was not fun. Well, it started out okay. I wasn't in it, m'self XD It was just sorta like watching a low-budget indie flick about these rich college kids in some kind of ... I dunno, frat weekend in the woods or ... something? But they had like a test of courage thing goin' on.

So one night they all troop into the woods, about 20 of them or so, and they wander around in the dark together like ... treasure hunting or something. Then next thing there's this huge ROAR and everything lights up and there's this huge truck sat there, blaring headlights and all. Well apparently they were expecting that, because they laugh and make a run for it en masse. Truck chases them - don't ask me how in the middle of a forest - and eventually they hit a slope. Then it suddenly takes a turn for the confusing and horrific.

One of the boys in the back (RPattzoh and gf are leading) loses his footing and goes flying down the slope ahead of them. The guy, if I recall correctly, is Seamus Finnigan from the Harry Potter movies XD Irrelevant detail yes, but wtf. So they stop the running, all laughing and out of breath (the truck disappeared, Idk where it went) and scramble down the bank to help him. There's a river there, and what looks like some tank ... water filter or something? No idea ... but they decide he's in there and duck inside. And there he is! Slung up quite messily, partially diced up on these giant rotovator blades. And still. Half. Alive. If the grunting and the gurgling was anything to go by ...

Kids run screaming, I wake up sick to my stomach and spend an unpleasant hour in the bathroom. The end.


... ON A MORE PLEASANT NOTE. I found new hatchlings on the balcony today! :D They are gorgeous. I don't wanna get too close, but they're only about two feet from the door! On the ground. I didn't even know pigeons were ground-nesters. The moar you know~

OH! And I signed up for 50foryou! Saw it twice on mah f-list and thought heck, why not right? I need something to channel my BeelzeJeri phase. I'd recommend it! T'is just a writing prompt - 50 sentences for your favourite fandom/pairing, and each is personalized just for you. Fun! ^^

... I should probably rinse this conditioner out of my hair now. Ugh, effort.

*shleps off*

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