Oct. 17th, 2009 05:54 pm
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Haha so it's been an adventurous week. Spent a night in casualty, found out I'm going to Peru in February (lol choice what choice), found out my ex-lil bro just got LOCKED UP FOR EIGHT MONTHS BECAUSE OF DRUG PUSHING.

*clutches head*

Well to put that in slightly more coherent order, the Peru thing came first. Apparently the whole Visa-wedding-hold up issue cleared itself up nicely so they're going ahead with that in February and I'm attending. Statement of fact. Nope, sorry, ticket's already booked. And you have to wear a dress. And meet the whole family. And survive the heat. Somehow.


After that came the jailbird news. Graham (Erika's bro, Tom's son) got caught carrying whatever drugs quote-unquote "for a friend." Erika called me in tears about it on Thursday and I sort of went "Uhhhhhhh ... wat." Couldn't work up much sympathy tbh :/ DO THE CRIME DO THE TIME. And don't be such a dope in the future.

Thursday evening came the hospital thing. I was ill all week but it just came to a head shortly after the digitalrewind post went up. I was convulsing in bed and babbling for a doctor by the time mum got back from her gal's night out. Went to Beaumount hospital, had an ECG, X-rays, gave bloods, peed in a cup, passed out in the toilets, did it again in the middle of the waiting room, aaaand they couldn't find anything wrong with me. Tests all came back fine. So they gave me an anti-sickness shot which hurt like a bitch, oddly, and tossed in a few more anti-sickness prescriptions. We were there from one am to ten past eight Friday morning and it was do not want.

I have a stingy sensation just behind my tummy button right now :/ Sounds like they missed over a kidney/urinary tract infection y/n? Guess I better get drinking more waters.

Also, Stephen Gately's funeral today? Broke my heart :'( But what a beautiful tribute. I wish I could've been there.

Er, sorry for the spazzy entry ^^;; Prooobably shouldn't be interneting in this condition, lol. Never mind me.

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