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So I had one of those nightmares again. You know the ... soul-raping ones D:

It was about a vampire this time :| You know, whenever I dream about vampires there's always this weird consistent theme. They could be sexy, good-looking, debonair (male or female), but they are never anything less than sincerely frightening. IRL I see vampires as fun and fairly cheesy; in dreams, it's like they're reduced to the very essence of what makes a vampire something scary. The whole ... blood-drinking thing.

Anyway, the setting was about maybe the eighteen hundreds ... sort of midwest America kind of thing. Lots of women in white aprons and those funny little white caps, rocking chairs and wagon wheels out in front of the houses. And as usual with these damn things, I wasn't even a participant; just your metaphorical fly on the wall. Or should I say fly on the shoulder of the main character: a dark-haired sort of Lestat type gentleman vamp, except he was somewhat less of a douche. He was only killing for food. Unfortunately this didn't make the whole thing any less ... horrific, I have to say.

The clearest part I can remember is like the last five minutes of the dream. Mister Vampire was about to skip town and move on; his presence had become evident in a very messy way and the townsfolk were on the verge of angry torch-wielding pitchfork-waving mob. Seeing as he'd been trying to lay low for the past couple of days he badly needed to feed before he hit the road, so he slunk off headed for the outer fringes while said angry mob congregated at the town square.

Thusly he comes across a little girl; maybe ten or eleven, long blond plait, spectacles, dressed in one of those voluminous ye olde nightgowns sitting in a rocking chair out on the porch of her house. I think she was poorly or frail or something, and he picks her up bridal style and brings her inside, probably under the guise of wanting to get her out of the cold or something. But dreaming-me knew what was coming by this time and I swear to god my heart was in my mouth. The kid hadn't quite copped it even though he was eyeing her like a starving dog and he was deaf to every word out of her mouth as soon as the door was safely closed behind them.

So standing there in the middle of the entrance way, still holding her, he leans down and buries his teeth in this childs' neck. She, understandably, shrieks in fright and starts clawing and beating at him with her tiny little fists. He doesn't even notice. She is wailing and pleading and there are tears streaming down her face and she might as well be a piece of cooked ham or something. And it's not like a movie, he doesn't suck; he gnaws. Blood starts hitting the floor

So after about half a minute of this, he lets go of her neck and the little girl takes this opportunity to start struggling and screaming at him but still, he doesn't hear a word. He very calmly and deliberately eyes her up and down for a brief second - I could see the realization that's he deciding where to start next dawning across her face - and then sinks his teeth right through her nightgown into her thigh. But before she can even scream, he literally tears a strip out of her leg, nightgown, flesh, tendons, arteries and all, and this child is in so much agony she can't even cry out she just gags and convulses in his arms-

And I wake up so sickened I want to tear my skin off.

So yeah ..... D:

On a happier note, someone's doing well~

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AUGH. Would you look at that?? How am I supposed to be mad at her when she doodles on the carpet and chews on my headphones this way??

B-but holy cow, I'd forgotten how hard it is to train a puppy D: She is no Labrador, that for sure. It's a little like having a toddler running around the house. I am so tiiiired omg. At least I can be thankful Apple wasn't this bad ... Speaking of whom, she is being surprisingly awesome about this! :0 Kitty knows how to put puppy in her place, too ...

Ohhh that reminds me! D: Apple's mommy, Balloo? Her bff Rudy died the day before yesterday :( He was only thirteen, the poor little guy. Me and Leo were talking about letting Apple stay with them for a few days to keep her company. Might be a good idea, she could probably use a break from Daisy too ...

Blargh. It's been a funny week. And I miss the interbutts :C It's kind of hard to focus on the screen when Daisy's trying to nap on my keyboard or nom on my wires. I haven't had time to brainstorm for NaNo either, ffffffffff D: That's coming up so fast! Brb gonna stare at a blank page in Word for an hour.

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